Thursday, May 14, 2009

Half way through May

Past the swine flu onwards to... NYPH 09, Hiroh Kikai, the WIP Grant call for entries closing, Men and the Domestic Interior opening in DC and all sorts of other jazz.

© Hiroh Kikai

Time is truly flying right now and I'm having a hard time keeping up! It's only going to get busier. Last week I went to go see Richard Renadli and Doug Dubois speak about portraiture, intimacy and family at the Affordable Arts Fair. I'm a bit late on writing about it, but it was really impressive to see the two of them up there speaking back and forth about one anothers work and sharing their ideas of photographing intimate moments with strangers and family alike. The work paired up really nicely and I am glad I made time in my afternoon to catch it... especially considering my work is primarily intimate encounters with wallflowers and family, etc.

As for this week... well there are a million amazing things to do and once more my health has sort of collapsed and prevented me from taking the plunge. NYPH opened last night and I had to skip out due to having severe allergies / some sort of sinus issue. It's still lingering which makes me quite blue, as I really wanted to make it to Yancey Richardson Gallery tonight for the opening of Hiroh Kikai and August Sander. I absolutely love both of these photographers and can only imaging how amazing the show must look. I'll have to swing by next week to have a look.

Tomorrow at NYPH my WIPNYC partner Cara Phillips will be speaking on a panel with Joerg Colberg, Laurel Ptak, Brian Ulrich and Andrew Hethrington on blogging and building community at 11:00am. If you are in the area, check it out.

Saturday I hop on megabus and head down to DC for the opening of Domesticated: Men and the Domestic Interior, curated by Al Miner and including the works of Yolanda del Amo, Dru Donovan, Jamil Hellu and yours truly. If you are in the DC area info is as follows:

May 16, 2009
Curator and Artist Talk, 4pm
Reception 5 – 8pm

Transformer Gallery

1404 P Street,
NW Washington, DC 20005

I'm sure the insanity will keep rolling. It's all good insanity though so I'll be posting again soon.

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