Monday, May 25, 2009


Last weekend "Domesticated: Men and the Domestic Interior" opened up at Transformer Gallery in DC. It was reviewed in this weeks Washington Post. Below is the excerpt about my work. It was such a sweet surprise to wake up to Friday.

"One artist here -- the most compelling of the lot -- offers androgyny as an alternative to gender codes. Brooklyn-based Amy Elkins photographs two shirtless young men in half-length portraits that mimic historical modes of female portraiture. As we look at these men, we're reminded of a long tradition of Venuses as well as the Greeks' love of a luscious boy. The subject of "Kyle" proves an especially rich muse, his arm crossed over his chest in a gesture suggesting both protection and flirtation.

What works about Elkins's pictures is their lack of clear-cut agenda. Yes, they participate in the preconceived -- and sexist -- modes of art history. But they never, ever replicate them." - Jessica Dawson for the Washington Post. May 22.

From the artist talk at Transformer on May 16th

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ruben said...

Nice review Amy!