Monday, May 04, 2009

This is Your Warning..

Had a brief and fun encounter out in Philly that included Zoe Strauss' I-95 event. Walked away with this amazing image. Zoe's night time text pieces are fantastic!


ruben said...

I own that photo also. Bought it two years ago.
You lucky devil!
You want to trade it for a few frocks?
Ha ha ha..!

Amy Elkins said...

You got your fair share! haha. This is all mine! No frocks for trade.

zs said...

Amy, I'm so sorry that I didn't really get to see you... thanks for coming!

Amy Elkins said...

Dearest Zoe..
I am so glad I made the trip. It was so lovely just to walk around from photo to photo that I barely saw anybody. It was kind of hilarious to be in such a condensed area and not even see you! We had to leave early though so I guess perhaps it makes sense. I do love your text pieces though. They are just so damn good. Thanks for doing the event!