Tuesday, September 01, 2009

In search of your wide open yonder..

(shot on my way to california from ny)

I'm in the process of collecting as many photographs of sky and wild open yonders as possible from as many people and walks of life as possible. Please do send in any snapshot sky, vacation sky, fine art sky, wanderlust sky, open road sky, view from airplane sky, etc etc. I can't quite explain what it's for just yet, other than a large compilation of sky images. If you would like to share please email me photos (preferably 4x6@300 but any size will do). amyelkins.photo[at]gmail.com



photo editng service said...

I am on vacation and as soon as I get back I will mail my sky photographs.

JordyG said...

Amy - I find myself on your site about once or twice a year, and I love it. Have you read any of Gretel Ehrlich's work? She wrote the Solace of Open Spaces, which you might enjoy... (she's originally from Santa Barbara)...