Sunday, November 09, 2008

© Amy Elkins

I am happy to have donated a piece to the CCNY Silent Auction
November 10th | 6:30p-8:30p

Preview works:

This is the Third Annual Benefit Auction for CCNY to be held at Calumet Photographic, 6:30-8:30 pm, 22 West 22nd Street, NYC. Featuring contemporary and vintage photographs. Head over. Get some art!! Let's get the economy rollin again.

Isn't there a saying... "fake it till you make it"?? Let's all just keep the money flowing. Economic disaster? I don't know what you are talking about.

Artists include: Harry Amdur, Mariette Pathy Allen, Keliy Anderson-Staley, Bill Armstrong, Brett Bell, Susan Burstine, Anita Blank,Timothy Briner, Melitte Buchman, Christine Callahan, Sean Carroll, Lindsey Castillo, Jesse Chan, Polly Chandler,John Chervinsky, Jesse Cesario, Jen Davis, Pradeep Dalal, Niccolini Dianora, Emile H Dubuisson, Max Dworkin, David Elbetoft, Robert Edelman, Amy Elkins, Smith Elliot, Lisa Elmaleh, Hugo Fernandes, Larry Fink, Blake Fitch, Ryan Foerster, Lucas Foglia, Martine Fougeron, Allen Frame, Anthony Fuller, Anders Goldfarb, Lorraine Gracey, Cornelia Hediger, Thomas Holton, Henry Horenstein, Joelle Jensen, Charles Johnstone, Annika Jonsson, Loli Kantor,Peter B. Kaplan, Jessica M. Kaufman, Kelly Anderson, Travis Kent, Ghada Khunji, Saul Leiter, Sebastian Lemm, Nataly Levich, Wayne Liu, Colleen Longo, Joseph Maida, Jerome Mallmann, Kai McBride, Chris McCaw, John Meyers,Dana Miller, Azikiwe Mohammed, Carolyn Monastra, Alex Morel, Rachelle Mozman, Walter Naegle, Lori Nix, Leah Oates, Stuart O’Sullivan, Susan Paulsen, Carissa Pelleteri, Alexander Perrelli, Stephanie Prussin, Michael Rauner,Richard Renaldi, Mauro Restiffe, Saul Robbins, Francesca Romeo, Caren Rosenblatt, Jerry Sheik, Joni Sternbach,Arne Svenson, Lustica Tee, Sally Tosti, Jennifer Trausch, Maki Ueno, Eric Weeks, Emma Wilcox, Amy Williams,Bernard Yenelouis, Rona Yefman, and Shigeki Yoshida


nina said...

you take the most beautiful portraits!

Amy Elkins said...

Thank you so much Nina! That is very kind of you to say.

ruben said...

Yeah...and I was the sore loser who got out bidded last night for that portrait!

Oh well...I hope they will be more!

Amy Elkins said...

no worries my friend. there are always more! i'm sorry you didn't get that piece!