Monday, November 10, 2008

Breaking out the VHS cassettes

I haven't seen Being John Malkovich in years, maybe even since it originally came out in 1999. I watched it last night and couldn't help but feel connected to all the insanity in the movie. Lately I have been feeling a little wonky, perhaps there are people using a porthole to get into my brain and make me feel spacey and unlike myself. I feel like I have definitely been a bad blogger, as not only have I not been able to keep up with posting here, I have also fallen back on keeping up with the great content of many others blogs. So to all those still following this blog just note that I'll come back around when my seasonal blog blahs lift.

In other news (and perhaps a glimpse at why I have been feeling like I have photo / blog A.D.D.)
'Women in Photography' has become an ocean of emailed submissions (a wonderful ocean.. but an ocean none-the-less). I think sorting through that much work a day and trying to remain organized and productive is more than challenging. We might just have to break down and figure out how to get some help with maintaining the site in the near future, as juggling wip and emerging photo careers is pretty crazy at times for both Cara and myself. Don't get me wrong! Totally gratifying experience for both of us. And yes.. we have some fantastic shows and tricks up our sleeve for the coming months. STAY TUNED!!

Enough of my whining! The current exhibition at Aperture 'It’s beautiful here isn’t it...' by Luigi Ghirri was really fantastic! He seems to be an artist that fell really far under the radar. His web presence also falls a bit on the mysterious side. His prints are stunning to see in person and I highly recommend seeing them while you have a chance. The show remains up until January 29. You can pick up the book while you are there!

©Luigi Ghirri

And last but not least many congrats to the success of the show that opened up last week, Things Are Strange, curated by Jon Feinstein. I was under the weather that night but heard there were lines to get in. Humble never ceases to throw a gigantic opening! Congrats to Matthew Baum, Dan Boardman, Michael Bühler-Rose, Gerald Edwards III, Emiliano Granado, William Lamson, David La Spina, Alison Malone, Rachelle Mozman, Eric Percher, Cara Phillips, Matthew Porter, Amy Stein, Brad Troemel, Christian Weber, Hannah Whitaker, Sarah Wilmer and Ofer Wolberger.

My favorite video art I've seen in a while goes to William Lamson with Emerge!

© William Lamson

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