Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Cheerleaders, New Orleans © Will Steacy

Last night at Aperture was a total sweet success. The crowd was fantastic and I wanted to thank everybody that came out to support the event. And especially Laurel Ptak, Elinor Carucci and Robin Schwartz for aiding Cara and I on this new curatorial adventure. It was such a delight to hear both Elinor and Robin talk about their work. They both had the crowd laughing, gasping and engaged. Couldn't have asked for more. This photograph captures the mood perfectly!

PDNpulse covered the event here.

Now because I love to support my male photog friends as well I wanted to just say that Will Steacy has some really amazing prints for sale on his site (the one here posted is for sale as well). There are five different images in an edition of 15 for a mere $150! He's a dear friend strapped for cash, with an insane rent hike up and no money to move. In hopes to raise money to support a move he is offering a special Limited Edition print sale. Help the guy out if ya can!

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Jennifer Loeber said...

You all did a great job last night and what a total treat to see all that new work from Robin and Elinor!