Thursday, September 18, 2008

I feel like a trapeze artist these days. Swinging all over while wondering where I'll land.
It's that exact feeling that keeps me waking up daily at 5am unable to fall back asleep.

NOW: Humble Arts Foundation has launched their newly designed website and my work has officially gone on sale as part of their Limited Editions project. There are only 5 prints in the edition so help support Humble Arts by buying one if it so tickles your fancy.

NOW OUT: Standing Beneath the Spotlight, Women in Photography in NY Arts Magazine

SEPT 19th: My solo show "Fractured Fictions" in the Pingyao International Photo Festival opens. I'll post installation photos when I receive them.

SEPT 30th: Aperture Panel with Women In Photography 6:30pm

OCT 04: Group Show, Westbeth Gallery, NYC. More info on the way.. (includes Cara Phillips and myself along with several other female photographers) (This website needs a severe face lift).

OCT 23-DEC 6th: My first solo show from my Wallflower series, Yancey Richardson Project Gallery.
Main Gallery: Sharon Core from the series Early American.

And on a casual note... I had a really great time at the Aperture discussion about on Tuesday. It gave me a good idea of how things are going to run when it's WIPNYC's turn for the panel discussion (Sept 30th). I saw many faces I hadn't seen in a while (Jen Davis and Brian Ulrich especially!!) as well as meeting many people in person for the first time (after being in touch with them for months and months via blogs and email). We had a massive round table of folks eating and drinking at The Half King in Chelsea after the panel ended. Those kind of nights are fantastic and remind me of why it's great to live in NY.

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