Wednesday, September 10, 2008

@ Cara Phillips

Well the Photography.Book.Now judging is done, and the following awards have been posted. I am thrilled for my co-WIPNYC partner in crime Cara Phillips as I know how hard she worked on this book. So congrats Cara and to all the other winners!

I do have to state that I am pretty bummed that out of every single book that won an award... I didn't see a single portrait (could very well be that I can only search the few handful of pages in a book). Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. I'm just saying there were some damn good photo books entered that involved portraiture. I guess the trend is swinging... I'm going to pick up my camera and aim at the land (kidding). CONGRATS again!!

- Grand Prize: Beth Dow, In The Garden
- Category Winner, Themed: Jonathan Smith, The Bridge Project
- Category Winner, General: Talia Chetrit, Reading
- First Runner-up, Themed: Cara Phillips, Singular Beauty
- First Runner-up, General: John Lehr, Something is Happening
- Second Runner-up, Themed: Ed Panar, Johnstown /
Benjamin Lowy, Iraq Perspectives (tie)
- Second Runner-up, General: Michael Corridore, Roadworks

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