Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tomorrow's hustle and bustle:

Women are kicking some ass this Friday and Saturday.

I'm going to my show at CCNY Gallery for the preview so I can say hi and show my face.. meet the other artists, etc from 5pm-6ish and then I'll be heading down to Chelsea and going to WIP artist Alessandra Sanguinetti's show at Yossi Milo and then over to the group show at Michael Mazzeo Gallery where WIP co-founder/curator/friend Cara Phillips has some work hanging (along with Will Steacy and some other great folks). (all show info is posted below)

The following day I am getting in a car and heading to Phillie with my dear friend Summer Kemick to go to her opening at Jenny Jaskey Gallery.

Better get rested! Big day tomorrow.

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