Friday, September 05, 2008

Speaking of dance marathons and endurance competitions...

The Fall gallery season has cracked open and hot damn there's a lot out there. The crowds were a little too thick for me last night so I stayed put in good company over at Andrea Meislin Gallery for Michal Chelbin's first solo show in NYC, Strangely Familiar. I have been in contact with Michal for a few years and it's wonderful to finally see her work on a wall. The prints looked truly stunning! Her book seemed to be flying off the table and she seemed sweet as could be during the whole eve.

Untitled #1527 (from Kawa = Flow), 2008

Tonight the madness ensues. Yancey Richardson Gallery opens up a beautiful show of Masao Yamamoto's. Luhring Augustine will have a new show by Joel Sternfeld. And there is probably more happenings but I've been well out of the loop and literally in the dark (room) so perhaps I'll stumble upon more openings tonight that those two.

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