Friday, May 09, 2008

Madonna's rejection letter, dated 1981.

2008 has been full of no's so far:

No Magenta Foundation
No NY Photo Festival
No Hyeres Festival

But I can't really ever get too upset about these things... because I look at the work that did get in and I see right away why they deserve attention and recognition. It's a steep competition entering all of these things, far steeper now that I'm out of school. Just more incentive to work harder, reach further, make more work, etc.

Props to Will Steacy for nominations into NY Photo Fest and for acceptance into Magenta. And to all my other friends that got nominations for the NY Photo Fest. Good luck to all of you.

Pat On The Back Apparatus
Patent : US4,608,967 Date 1986
Inventor: ; Ralph R. Piro


Lisa Hunter said...

Your work is gorgeous. I'm sure lots of festivals are in your future.

Amy Elkins said...

Thank you Lisa! That is very sweet of you to say.