Friday, May 09, 2008

I met Peter Beste my first summer living in Brooklyn through a mutual friend, Oscar Lopez, who told me "if you are in photo school you should meet my friend Peter. He's a photographer." Well... everybody in New York is a photographer. everyone everywhere is a photographer. I didn't think much until I met Peter and saw his work. Peter Beste looks like an all American boy. He's clean cut, blue eyes, blond hair, always a smile on his face. What might this sweet guy shoot? Death metal subcultures in Norway, Houston's underground scenes, strip clubs, grime, grit, huffers and street kids in London. I still have yet to figure out how a charming, blue eyed, blond haired boy gets into such seedy and dangerous scenes... but I think that's what makes his work even more charged for me.

The release of his first full-length book through by Vice Books
True Norwegian Black Metal is coming out June 1, 2008
208 Pages. Hardcover (11.25" x 14.25")

I'm heading over to Steven Kasher Gallery tonight to see it up on the walls.
521 West 23rd St.
NYC. 10011

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