Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today's highlights:

-An 80 gig hard drive crash with all of my new digital work on it along with all of my daily project and a million other things that I'm too frazzled to name at the moment.

-The hard drive is at the hard drive doc's in critical condition... I'm crossing my fingers and toes that it'll all be salvaged.

-I can't think of anything else.. no that's about it for todays bull@#*^ highlights.

Lessons of today:

-Don't plug your hard drive into a computer that's part of a huge network.
-Back everything up always.. always.. always..

Highlights before today:

-Finding my name in a plug for new contemporary photo magazine Dear Dave on New York Time's site.

-Finding out that "A New American Portrait" made the short list
in New York Magazine.

-A sweet portrait commission in place for early August.

-This sweet blog post on Ben Huff's blog.


kevin s faulkner said...

you and i both know damn well that you cant cross your toes.......

Jack said...

i recently lost an 80 gig drive, and wasn't lucky enough to have anything saved! even after more than one mac wizard got their hands on it. So sad to see all that precious time dissapear! i am glad you recovered everything.

Matt said...

that would be New York Magazine, not the New Yorker.

Amy_Elkins_Photography said...

Oops. Thanks Matt. Yes I lost my mind that day when my hard drive crashed. I'm not surprised that I made an error in the mean time. It's corrected now.