Saturday, July 21, 2007

Finally printing new work (the scanning on these isn't the best at the moment.. technical failures.. all that fun stuff )

Richard, New York, NY. 2007


Joerg Colberg said...

These are very nice. I even know the guy!

Now I have to get into the circle of taking photos of friends (and having mine taken) - provided amateurs are allowed in. ;-)

Amy_Elkins_Photography said...

I think it's great idea.. who knows what will happen to all of us in the next 30-40 years. I love looking at photographs that other photographers took back in the 70s. We look at those and think how amazing it must have been to be friends with all of these crazy creative types. Well here we are. We have to leave that for the next round of photographers to look at. Ha.. ;)

illicracker said...

That's who I thought it was. He looks ravishing like that. I'm glad you photographed him. It's beautiful.