Sunday, December 10, 2006

American Photo- Images of the Year Issue.
The Jan/Feb issue of American Photo surprised me a bit. Not only did I get an image into The Images of the Year as an honorable mention (which I actually wasn't informed about.. but rather just stumbled upon) but the Nikon Ad I worked on is placed right beside an article on Most Innovative Bloggers. Joerg Colberg is listed first in this article. Whoever wrote the article stated that Joerg had turned to interview photographers "such as Alec Soth, Amy Elkins and Chris Jordan, making his site an even bigger resource." I love it.. I would never compare myself to either of those photographers seeing that I have much much work to do.. gallery exhibitions to hang.. books to publish.. etc. Not that that's my goal per say.. but that's the level they are at. Ok.. yeah those are my goals. I suppose I'll keep aiming high.

To see more about the American Photo Images of the Year you can visit this: site


Tim said...

Hell Yeah!

jay defoore said...

Hey Amy,

Just found your blog. Very cool. Sorry about the poor effort on our part to notify winners. This was the first year we did the contest this way and we've no doubt learned a lot that should inform how we do it next year. I love your work. Keep it up. I wrote the article on Joerg and the other bloggers by the way.

jay defoore
online editor,