Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Only while in NYC.... I love my photo friends. Upon jotting this all down it dawned on me nearly every single millisecond of being in NYC on this trip was connected with photo friends and photo shows.

Ofer Wolberger coffee and book previews
SITUATION with works by Joseph Maida and Victoria Sambunaris
Dinner with Tribble Mancenido's, Jeff (Gray) Brandsted and Nicola Kast
Photoshoot with Lucas
Chelsea gallery hop with Jeff Brandsted
Alec Soth at Sean Kelly Gallery
Paul Graham at Pace
Visit with Yancey Richardson crew
Photo crit hang out with Dina Kantor, Tim Briner, Joy Drury Cox, Ben Alper, Carlo VandeRoer & Jon Feinstein
Interview with Jen Davis and Jon Feinstein
Visit with new baby at Tania Jimenez
Drinks and dinner with Trujillo Paumier boys
Visit with Stephen Fraily
Drop film off/ pick film up
Strand, Kinkos working on book ideas
Class visit and talk with Allen Frame's class
Dinner with Nicola Kast
Coffee with Ben Curtis
Lunch with Tania Jimenez
Pack, Cab, Fly
Back to PDX

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