Thursday, December 01, 2011

June 1972

On Thanksgiving my aunt brought a large manila envelope over to share with the family. They were snapshots, mostly before I was born of my relatives in their teens and 20s, as well as photographs of my grandparents looking younger than I had ever seen them. For some reason looking through these photos was haunting, I can't quite figure out why. I asked if I could hold on to a few envelopes to scan and archive them.. and have found myself looking though them again and again as if the more I look at them the more I might find answers. Answers to what? I am not even sure. I have no memories of my Grandpa Rudy no matter how hard I try. He passed away by the time I was four. Here he is before I was born.

Grandpa Rudy, Cigarette and Camera, 1972

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