Saturday, September 10, 2011


Day one- Redeye flight lands and I'm too beat to function. Go for a spa pedicure for the first time in my life with my dear friend Tania. Spend the day sleepy. It was raining non stop.

Day two- Sky clears up. Elegant Violence opens at Yancey Richardson gallery. Opening is a blur but very wonderful. So nice to see so many faces! Dinner after with Hellen Van Meene, gallery staff and friends. Walk through the packed streets during fashion night out.

Day three- Chelsea hopping with Jerry Vezusso, tea and chocolate croissants with Sarah Palmer and Dillon DeWaters followed by Vik Muniz opening and after party.

Day four- Coffee, coffee, coffee... realize I need to buy film for tomorrows shoot. The L train is down. Meeting up with Justin James Reed, Jen Davis, Nicola Kast... and others. Dinner with Tribble/Mancenido friends! Drinks tonight.

Day five- Photoshoot, last minute running around.

Day six- Fly home.

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