Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Mint Sky

Digging this..

Joan Pamboukes
Mint Sky from Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas,2006

"I am curious about the various ways that new technology affects our humanity. In the 21st Century, an increasing amount of time is spent experiencing fabricated digital fantasy(ies). As a society we have become comfortable experiencing life via a profusion of false realities (cinema, TV, Web-sites, art, computer games, digital imagery, etc., etc.). We spend much of our time in a sedentary state of silence with our eyes affixed to a screen.

I find it ironic that these beautifully serene landscapes were designed to house horrid simulations of unspeakable and appalling violence - a world where thievery, murder, warfare, and prostitution are the order of the day. Mesmerized by these atmospheric digital surroundings, I intended to capture and re-emphasize this intangible, sublime, and fleeting reality." - Joan Pamboukes

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