Monday, August 15, 2011

First Impressions

©Dennis Rogers

Portland is full of many hidden gems. Stopped by Sterling Roasters (which I had eyed for 2 weeks and not had the time to try yet) to get an americano yesterday. Super tasty and really nice staff! Now it's going to have to be a regular spot. AND I'm probably going to need to photograph some of the folk that work there, who all dress in dapper old fashioned vests and bow ties. Sweet!

I ride my bike often here (which is a big change from anywhere I've ever lived before)... and riding over the Broadway Bridge to the Pearl area is one of my favorite spots. Such an amazing view of the city and surrounding bridges, river, etc.

Art, art, art... cool to live in a smaller city that's still thriving with artists, curators, etc. One of my favorite little local spots is Ampersand VIntage. It's a 2 second bike ride away from my apt and full of amazing books/art.

War. Always War.
Ampersand Vintage
August 24 to October 12, 2011
Opening party Wed., August 24, 6 to 10PM

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