Tuesday, July 05, 2011

on a tuesday..

These past few days have been a bit surreal. Today I received a letter from my 34 year old penpal stating his last appeal (sent to the Supreme Court) had been denied and that his execution could very well unfold within the next 6-8 months. His letter has been echoing in my mind since I read it on the subway ride home a few hours ago. He's been on death row in Mississippi for the past 14 years but up until now there has been no real threat in his sentence ever coming to light. Out of any of the men I write, this man is the most spiritual by far and has shared so much about his experiences and time spent on death row.. his experiences with god, with being baptized, with seeking out new friends and new knowledge.. it's sad to hear this news. I need to write him back tonight. I was away in Syracuse when both of his letters arrived.

In other sad news, Ray Deter, owner of d.b.a in Manhattan (whom I had become acquainted with through my time in New Orleans and my love for the nola d.b.a. down there) passed away Sunday after being in a severe bike accident. A really nice article was written about him in the NY Times that can be read here.

And because bad news travels in threes- Cy Twombly, an artist that influenced many and was loved by many passed away today at 83. An article on the NY Times describes him and his work here.

Cy Twombly, Panorama. 1955

Now onward to tomorrow, which is bound to bring brighter news?
ps- I move away from NYC in less than a week.

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