Friday, January 14, 2011


For the past several weeks I've been taking a nice breather from image making. I've made so much work over the past two years, I feel it might be time to pause, think, edit and pause more before moving forward to production mode. But before I even get to that pause and meditate phase, I'm going to continue taking a small staycation from photography. This includes other activities that I enjoy immensely, though rarely ever share. Such as cooking (trying out my new Cuisinart food processor), juicing with my new juicer twice daily, doing yoga, writing, reading, keeping up with my penpals from Black is the Day, Black is the Night, watching movies, continuing to attempt a foreign language, drinking coffee, snapping my daily portrait, enjoying old episodes of Mad Men, going to museums/galleries.. and the list goes on. And on.

I imagine all of this self indulgent action will only make me feel twice as energetic towards my photography when I come back from my staycation. I recommend such things to all.

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Al Palmer said...

Always find a wander round a local market gives me loads of inspiration to cook. New and fresh ingredients never fail to keep me in the kitchen!