Monday, October 04, 2010

Speak Quicker Please

Seems in this day and age, we haven't the time to talk let alone text. Good thing these text bibles exist (?!??!). I think it would take me 10x longer to figure out what was going on in this coded language, rather than just have someone write the full word out send it and have me comprehend immediately. I mean, clearly nobody likes to actually talk on the phone these days. It's all about the mega world of virtual communications, where you can catch up with 500 people at a time while playing an online game of scrabble. The world that we are creating for ourselves is starting to scare me. Or is that TWWACFOISTSM?


Texting Dictionary of Acronyms by Randall C Manning

Textionary: The Texting Dictionary by C. L. Hogan

Txt Me 6y (Text Me Sexy) by Yevve Eell

The Total Txtmsg Dictionary by Andrew John, Stephen Blake

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