Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Falling back into place

© Trine Sondergaard / Strude #16

I finally got to Chelsea to check out some work today. Even if I don't love it all, I love actually making the time to go and look. It's so easy to forget this amazing/free resource we New Yorkers have at our fingertips.

I'm always partial to shows that are portrait based. That said, I thought Silverstein Gallery had some pretty amazing work in the front and back rooms. Trine Sondergaard's series Strude is beautiful, while Rosalind Solomon's black and white images are gritty and dark. And just up the road Clamp Art had a really fantastic installation not to be missed of Jesse Burke photographs from his series Intertidal.

© Rosalind Solomon / Carnival Masks, 1981

© Jesse Burke / Open Country

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