Sunday, April 04, 2010

Photo Spree | WIP | Daily Candy

So I have been falling further and further behind on blogging lately. Not intentionally... and I do plan on returning more frequently when things slow down a bit. Reason I've been shy around these parts is I have been shooting more in the past month than I probably had in the entire year prior. It's making for a crazy cycle of shooting, processing, scanning, editing and shooting more with little time in between.

I have also been having a great time with Women in Photography lately. We've been working with some great artists as well as having guest curator Sarah Stout of Rick Wester Fine Art put together our current show (seen here).

Also we've had a great opportunity (thanks to photo editor and photographer Nicola Kast) to curate a show for style/fashion/culture website You can see it HERE. Please take a look at your leisure.

Sneak peak image from the WIP/DailyCandy show:

Holly Lynton
Les, Amber, Honeybees, New Mexico, 2008

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