Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two years ago I was fortunate enough to be included in the Humble Arts exhibition 31 Under 31, featuring the work of 31 female fine art photographers under the age of 31. This show occurred during Women’s History Month and spawned a lot of action, blog posts, articles (Gallerinas), panel discussions and new friendships. As many of you know, Women in Photography (a site curated by myself and Cara Phillips) went live shortly after in hopes to continue celebrating and sharing the work of female photographers year round. Not only have Cara and I have had a great time curating these online solo shows; we were fortunate enough to receive funding and give away our first grant as well as participate in PPOW's Young Curators New Ideas II and speak at Aperture. It's been a great time and I look forward to the future of WIP.

In the spirit of Women in Photography and the desire to support and showcase female photographers I wanted to acknowledge HAFNY's efforts to continue also supporting the work of female fine art photographers (dropping the age limitations to boot) with their upcoming exhibition 31, opening Saturday, March 6.

The exhibition includes photographs by Erica Allen, Amelia Bauer, Claire Beckett, Gilda Davidian, Jessica Eaton, Naomi Harris, Carmen von Kende, Anna Krachey, Yvonne Lacet, Erika Larsen, Jessica Mallios, Alison Malone, S. Billie Mandle, Paula McCartney, Rachelle Mozman, Yamini Nayar, Sarah Palmer, Kristine Potter, Heather Rasmussen, Justine Reyes, Lisa Robinson, Irina Rozovsky, Sasha Rudensky, Victoria Sambunaris, Robin Schwartz, Emily Shur, Brea Souders, Rachel Sussman, Kirsten Kay Thoen, Carson Fisk-Vittori, and Ann Woo.

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