Wednesday, January 06, 2010


"Away, away and always away. What is it that remains when one is away?" -fc

Pacific Ocean, 2009

Been away for a few weeks.. away from computers, crowds and the cold. Have to say, I didn't miss any of it all that much. I'm still acclimating to steady internet connections, subway rides and work. Blech.

BUT! Good news is, NYC isn't all bad. While it's freezing, there are reasons to love the place. Tomorrow eve, I am excited to head over to Daniel Cooney Gallery and check out my pal Tim Briner's solo show and hanging out for a bit before heading over to Hous Projects for the group show, VERSUS, that Ruben Natal-San Miguel curated (I'm excited to be in it... but also psyched to see work by some amazing folks like Hank Willis Thomas, Mickalene Thomas, Brian Ulrich, etc, etc. full list below)

Hous Projects Gallery
31 Howard St. 2nd Floor
OPENING night: Thursday, Jan 7th | 6pm- 10pm

Brian Ulrich vs. Alex Leme
Mickalene Thomas vs. Nadine Rovner
Hank Willis Thomas vs. Cara Phillips
Amy Elkins vs. Molly Landreth
Matthew Pillsbury vs. Kris Graves
Phil Toledano vs. Elizabeth Fleming
Zoe Strauss vs. Ruben Natal-San Miguel
Jen Davis vs. Eric Ogden
Michael Wolf vs. Gina Levay

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Al Palmer said...

It's weird how a winter shot can feel to warm, so spring-like.

Great work!