Monday, December 14, 2009

Home•sick successfully opened at The Carnegie Art Museum this past Saturday. It was a whirlwind of a trip to CA, and the night of the opening was great. There was a great turn out and a steady stream of people throughout the opening. I had meant to post all of the artists in the exhibition before it went up, but couldn't get to a computer. Alas.. I now introduce the rest of the artists in Homesick: Stephanie Halmos, Dennis McLeod, Federico Gutierrez Schott, Jen Dessinger and Anthony Zepeda. Enjoy.

© Stephanie Halmos

"Homesick… I see it more as a longing for childhood, for memories. It is a longing for that freedom of having someone else care for you, and the ability to be lost without any sense of responsibility.

[My work] is representative of shifts in ideals, much of which I think happens when you leave home. Home to me is such a fluid word. In these pieces there is a literal depiction of people or objects in water, fog and these wet environments. When you leave from where you’ve been raised, the ideals with which you grew up begin to change as your definition of home changes. It is a process of growing." - sh

© Dennis McLeod

"Before moving to California, I had only been where I was born and raised. My family didn’t really travel so moving [to California] was like being a duck out of water. I was born in the south and it’s just a completely different experience. Home for me was having a close knit group of friends and being able to play every day: explore with them, go out all day and the parents wouldn’t worry—so a certain amount of freedom just to be on my own with my buddies.

The work that I’m going to be showing is based some on astronomy and constellations, and some of it is inspired by a trip I took to India about a year ago. I didn’t want to create works specifically for the show that some how tied into the notion of homesick … I know the way that I work stems from some early childhood discoveries that for years I didn’t even remember in terms of [my] process. The manner in which I work has been greatly influenced by those early childhood experiences and has offered me an opportunity to build and expand upon a body of work that fascinates me" - dm

© Federico Gutierrez Schott

"Right after high school, I left to Germany for a year. I know there are different levels of homesickness. I experienced a version that was like an illness. In my case, I felt it was more an intense feeling of being detached from my environment and being plugged into this new environment. It made me nauseous." - fgs

© Jen Dessinger

"A lot of the time [Homesick] is sensory. It can be a smell that takes me back to something—it’s almost a dizzying feeling. It always gets me going back to California, when I get into a hot car that’s been sitting in the sun, I think: oh my god, I’ve totally forgotten about this.

Over the past seven years I’ve been shooting the Demolition Derby project which is a direct reference to my dad, the relationship that I had with him, and missing it. There’s something really beautiful about [the Demolition Derby]. In the time that I’ve been going to these since I was five, it’s never changed. It’s exactly the same." - jd

© Anthony Zepeda

"I’m sometimes at a loss to make art if I don’t have a press, or particular equipment and materials around. To me a lot of paintings, prints and drawings are more like diaries. Even though they’re not the written word, they still conjure up memories. Part of the homesick concept would be not having your equipment, your brushes, and your tools.

I had these paintings in some boxes, in a locked cabinet, that were done a while ago. Since they haven’t been shown, I thought it might be a good time to do that along with some more recent wood cut, intaglio and silkscreen prints that I’ve produced." - af

Dec 12, 2009 - Feb 21, 2010
OPENS Dec 12th 4pm-7pm

Carnegie Art Museum

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