Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Turning to Family

© Doug Dubois

Last week I was unable to make Doug Dubois solo show at Higher Pictures and was quite bummed about this. His work is potent.. chalk full of intimate moments, emotion and subtle pauses. I love it and will definitely have to make it up there soon! I've already heard good things and read a great review here.

© Robin Schwartz

This coming weekend Robin Schwartz, a photographer who turns the lens towards her daughter Amelia for inspiration, will be speaking at B & H's event space. More info here.


Peter Puklus said...
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Amy Elkins said...

I've been sleepwalking the past several weeks getting ready for shows. I made a typo for one of my favorite photographers names! Glad it was caught before too much time went by. Thanks Peter!

peterpuklus said...