Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Women in Photography just published our most recent solo show- the works of Lilly McElroy from her series I Throw Myself at Men. I stumbled across Lilly's work a while back when I was trying to redesign my website and was on otherpeoplespixels.com scoping if it would be the way to go (turns out it was). Her work was a featured website on the front page of the site and I loved it right away. I am a big fan of performance based work and non-traditional photography. We only showcased work from one series, but below you can see other examples of Lilly's performance based work. Coincidentally Lilly lives in NYC and just got married to one of my best friends brothers! The world is insanely small.

I throw myself at men #9

Safeway from the series Locations

Things from my floor that stuck to my hand

Images © Lilly McElroy

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