Friday, April 17, 2009

© Laura Letinsky

It's friday and the weather is finally shaping up!

With that comes a write up about the $3,000 WIP grant and about how WIP has formed a lovely presence in the photo/art world was posted on Livebooks blog today by the lovely Miki Johnson.

Have a look! And don't forget to submit to the grant here!!
Don't forget it's a 3 part submission and all 3 parts are needed to be awarded the grant.
Application, Images and Payment. Good luck to all!!

(Eligible to all women working in photography, including artists selected and featured on the site, open as well to those completing their degree in the class of 2009**).

**You must be completing all classes required for your degree in April and May of 2009 / ie: do not need any more classes to graduate. Not eligible to those enrolled in summer school or those continuing classes in the Fall.

Images posted are selected from our WIP solo show submissions, not grant submissions. I am just thrilled to be working with so many talented women and wanted to share some of the wealth.

© Zoe Strauss

© Abby Robinson

© Michele Abeles

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