Monday, February 23, 2009

In Regards of the Unknown...

Børre Sæthre 'Stealth Distortion'
Photo © Matthew Septimus | Courtesy P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center

I went to the big opening at PS1 yesterday and spent some time wandering in and out of all of the exhibits. The shows were all pretty fun and worth the visit, but the lucky bonus of the trip was that I was fortunate enough to see the last day of Norwegian artist, Børre Sæthre's installation, including this full size unicorn behind glass. I feel like quite often I get stuck inside being a photographer and most things that I see, though I enjoy it, feels so literal. It is nice to look at non-photographic work, or work that sparks ideas of the unknown or mythical realms of the mind. This installation did just that. It shook me out of my photo realm for a moment, something I feel I should try and do more often.

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Nelle said...

Lovely picture...
Reminds of a design show on MTV:)

I have a similar couch at my place that I got at Twenga