Monday, October 13, 2008

Let's rally together now... Times are rough. Money is tight. It is so expensive just to live in today's world.. let alone make exciting work. My lovely wipnyc partner Cara Phillips is in a bit of a pinch and could stand your help! She has been chosen to be an artist in the NYC event, Art in Odd Places. She is scheduled to create an outdoor photo booth 10/16 -10/17 in Union Square and 10/24 - 10/25 on 14th St and 9th Ave and take UV portraits. Due to a lack in funding and a hike in liability insurance Cara is left with a hefty amount of money due to rental companies, labs and for film, insurance, permits, etc.

While it's a given her portraits from those days will be stunning... the economy is not a given. You can help her by donating whatever you can through this paypal account. I'm sure she will be the most grateful girl on the planet if you pass her what you can. If you are in NYC you can also swing by and see her work or perhaps even have your very own UV portrait shot.

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