Friday, August 22, 2008

Busy, busy, busy.

When New York gets over the top busy for me I tend to have the same reaction every time. I fantasize about being elsewhere. As in anywhere else but here. For weeks now it's been China (I'm having my first solo show at the biggest photo festival in China- Pingyao International Photo Festival and can't make it out to even see it!) Today it happens to be that I'm fantasizing about White Sands, NM. Yesterday it was upstate NY, preferably somewhere by a river. Day before it was wandering the roads of Italy. Perhaps tomorrow it'll be South America. Now I know fantasy is a great way to temporarily escape, though I'm wondering how healthy it is that I do it all the time. Don't get me wrong. New York is fantastic and if you ask most they'll say "New York has been really good to you".. which is definitely true. I just need to leave more often to stay sane.

My great friends Frank and Tracey have been on the road for a little while now and I have to say I envy their movement and lack of weight. While they haven't gotten too far into their journey yet you can read up or view their blog here.


Other friends that have had their fair share of stretching away from the city:
Richard Renaldi who is off in Alaska at the moment but just got back from South Africa and before that did a world wide ad campaign for Microsoft.

Shen Wei has been jet setting back and forth between NY and China for months now making a lovely new body of work that can be peeked at here. He is fortunate enough to be in Pingyao, China during the photo festival and I've asked him to kindly snap some photos of the installation for me!

Shane Lavalette had a month long residency on the Western coast of Ireland while my dear WIP partner, Cara Phillips, has spent the entire month of August relaxing upstate.

I did get a week long vacation in CA under my belt which was quite lovely. Now I just need about 5 more to make my Summer worth while. Perhaps I'll wait until after the Summer hype has gone away and tickets are cheaper and take a post-summer / pre-fall tour somewhere nice.


Jane Tam said...

I feel ya about wanting to go to China. I have 10 images in a group show at the Pingyao Festival and really wish I can see it.. especially since it is my first time showing so much work at once. New York is nice but it is sometimes too much as once.

Amy Elkins said...

Man.. if it were only a little closer!! It's my first time showing so much work at once as well. I was bold enough to ask them to fly me out but alas they said they could only afford to feed and put visiting artists up in hotels. Next time for the both of us!