Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So there are a staggering amount of books to look through, all recently entered into the Photography Book Now contest through Blurb. 1403 1430 1795 books submitted online alone. Countless others submitted in hard copy form too I imagine. I'm so curious how the judging is going to take place given the endless entries and multi-faceted nature of books. They are judging cover, content, sequencing, design, theme, emotional impact, etc. It seems this could take months of non-stop page turning to get through them all. I'm sort of exhausted just looking through page upon page of entries. Have a look for yourself.


Ian Aleksander Adams said...

I was delighted to find a couple books by people who's work I really really enjoy, but a little sad to see one had set the price of their book at 2,000 dollars. Sort of smart, if you want to keep the competition from checking you out, but sort of sad, because I totally would have bought it if it was 40. I guess they really want the book to be a fine art object.

Amy Elkins said...

There are quite a few gems in there. Competition will be steep indeed. Did you enter a book?

Aaron said...

I actually raised the issue of the wide range and scope of work on my blog. I mentioned a category for documentary/journalism(?) and one for personal/fine art would have possibly made it easier for the judges to awards category winners and then forced them to make a really hard decision only on the overall winner. It just seems like you really can't compare all the different genres? I don't envy the judges positions in this contest.

And apparently the marketing director of Blurb must read my blog or he was searching for blurb related posts around the web? Either way he kindly tried to explain their reasoning in my comments section.