Wednesday, April 02, 2008

© Ari Marcopoulos

Today was like Christmas.
-I was able to leave work well before sun down.
-Walked the streets of Manhattan with Springish weather.
-Browsed magazines and photo books at B&R.
-I spoke on the phone for a good amount of time with Justin James Reed about my upcoming lecture at PCAD.
-And just as I was walking home..
Christmas morning.

Neatly stacked I found (and took with pleasure) a seemingly new copy of Ari Marcopoulos' book 'Even the President of the United States Sometimes Has Got to Stand Naked', a couple of books on photo theory, a few books on and written by Picasso, a few David Sedaris books and some other goods.

I walked the rest of the way home with my arms completely full, with the sun and the Springish weather just starting to slip behind the aluminum sided funky Brooklyn apt structures. Pretty damn sweet day.

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