Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In an attempt to find humor in taxes..

And in other news:

My talk at PCAD went far better than I had anticipated. I have to be honest.. I was really nervous about speaking in front of a room of people about my work for 45 minutes. Justin James Reed was an amazing host, gave me an introduction that made me blush and his students were fantastic, full of ambition and all had blurb books (super cool!!!)

PA was good to my spirit. I fell into the landscape. Got lost for hours in the rolling hills speckled with farms and horses and nothingness...
I didn't have internet and my phone remained mostly quiet, allowing me to forget everything but what was right in front of me. I ate homemade ice cream, drank homemade root beer, had my bare feet on the dash, windows down, watching the clothing lines of plain colored dresses and slacks wave past. Amish country minus the parts that are tourist traps is quite blissful and it treated me good from Thursday-Saturday. Saturday being the day I had to return to reality. Brooklyn and crowded subways and noise and work... along with openings and great things.

Today on the subway was quiet. It was unbearably crowded. Coffee breath. Newspaper ink scent. Touching hands with strangers. Overheard conversations. Breath on foreign necks. Witnessing our unshielded faces. We are all so intimately claustrophobic here in the city.

ps- the movie Rocket Science is great! It was the perfect movie to see right before my talk at PCAD.


your pal bree said...

It was lovely to have you here and you gave a fantastic lecture.

I am super glad that you enjoyed PA dutch country.

also that movie looks pretty fantastical...

Jona C. said...

hey Amy, i was just catching up with your blog and wanted to say that we thought your were pretty awesome too! thanks again for coming to speak to us the other month, it was so great to talk to you one on one :)