Monday, March 17, 2008

You see... I do shoot women on occasion.
Nicola, Brooklyn, NY. 2007

Seems time has been barreling past us all these days and it's already pushing towards the end of March. The countdown to warmer weather is upon me... as my goal is to shoot a slew of new Wallflower portraits so I can finally feel the project is complete. Why the countdown? As soon as the weather warms up I am heading back outdoors to make my work. I cannot wait.. though I realize my ambitions to wrap up "Wallflower" before the season turns are high.

In other news: 31 Under 31 has been talk of the town.
Speaking of talk on the town, select female photogs in the show are doing a panel discussion this Sat, which I regrettably will miss (both being on the panel and attending) as I will be out of town.

Women in Art Photography
Saturday, March 22 | 6 – 8 pm
@ 3rd Ward
195 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Moderator: Amy Stein
Panelists: Rachael Dunville, Tema Stauffer, Cara Phillips, Mary Mattingly and Sarah Small.

To attend: RSVP at

And.. (drum-roll).. I am giving my first "Artist Talk" in a lecture hall out at PCAD, courtesy of Justin James Reed, a great photographer and photo professor out there. Need I say... I'm nervous as hell to speak in front of lecture hall full of photographers? Ehem.. I guess I just did.

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your pal bree said...

you needn't be nervous. we are a small school and will probably be seated on colorful foam squares for the lecture. colorful foam squares are as good as picturing people nude.