Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jumping out of my skin.

I'm beside myself...
Not wanting to brag but
excited and unable to contain myself.

A) I received a CCNY Residency runner-up award
B) I had a wonderful meeting with a wonderful gallery owner in NYC yesterday..
C) I'm heading down South in a week and a half or so... for the Faquetigue Cajun Mardi Gras Run and some photo adventures.

Here's a portrait that I shot for the Out100 OUT issue:


Jared Kuzia said...

This work is truly coming along wonderfully.

ben huff said...

congratulations Amy - as always, much deserved. i'm continually inspired by your work.

Harold Levine said...

Amy -- I saw your work at the Yancey Richardson Gallery this afternoon -- she said you had just dropped it off half an hour earlier. It's beautiful, and as I was looking through the portfolio box several other people gathered around to peek. Look forward to seeing more of your work -- good luck, and look forward to orders from the gallery!

Anonymous said...


Amy_Elkins_Photography said...

Thanks for the support!