Monday, December 10, 2007

Miami wrap up....

I'm so exhausted and saturated with imagery that I probably won't be able to describe the events that unfolded in Miami during the recent art fair whirl wind for another month. I, like most that were down in Miami this past weekend, haven't slept in days on end. This morning started at 4am in Miami... which led to a flight over the cloudy and rainy east coast... and now back in the cold that is NY and straight back to business.

I had no idea what to expect and at some points the volume of work to look at, along with the unfamiliarity with Miami and driving in the city became fairly overwhelming. Michael Kwiecinski, a photographer friend of mine that also had work at the Aqua Wynwood fair, helped me wander the fairs and the streets and made the overall trip far more entertaining. We met up with a few other talented folks while down there.. such as: Brian Ulrich, Shen Wei, Matt Siber, Jonathan Gitelson, Nathan Baker and many others that I'm spacing on at the moment.

It was a great first fair experience in Miami and I'm glad I got a chance to get down there and see the fairs for myself, meet some great gallery owners and collectors, and visit with some of the folks at my favorite NYC galleries. Also got a lovely little write up on Beautiful Decay about my work in the Aqua Wynwood Fair.

All in all... I saw a lot of fantastic work. I saw a lot of work that didn't float my boat. I got some sun and dipped my feet in the ocean... ate good food and got out of the cold in NY. No complaints. Just know that next time I'll skip on the rental car and get a spot by the beach!

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