Saturday, November 10, 2007

A new portrait...

Maria, Bronxville, NY 2007
and Mona Lisa, 1479-1528 (?)
I didn't do this on purpose in anyway.. but when I got my contact sheets back from the lab this was the first image my eyes went to... and continued to again and again. I just googled a Mona Lisa image and found the coincidences in framing and expression oddly similar. Am I crazy or does anybody else see this?


J.George said...

and she has a rectangular halo in the shot below from the Times. She's becoming quite the Renaissance woman

Rocio Alba Gonzalez Photo said...

Without a doubt! It seems odd to me how our mind records images way in the back and then manifests them subconciously through our own work.

Is this a new series Ms. Elkins? Dooooo tell!!!