Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This September marks 50 years since Jack Kerouac's On the Road hit bookshelves, stirred controversy and spoke — in a new voice — to a generation of readers. Today the beat travelogue continues to sell 100,000 copies a year in the U.S. and Canada alone.
His books have always been a fairly large inspiration for me... in my travels.. and the way that I write about traveling and experiencing life... as well as in my photographs when I'm on the road.


ben huff said...

hey Amy,

damn, i love that book. i was actually just listening to the audio CDs on a drive recetly through parts of Il, WI and MN.

having grown up on the Mississippi River, his words about seeing the river for the first time...makes my eyes well up.

thanks for hte clips

Svein-Frode said...

No doubt about it. On the Road is one of the best American novels ever!