Thursday, June 21, 2007

A New American Portrait may not be officially open just yet but it's getting plenty of hype. Read on..

Saatchi Gallery Review


"...the show offers a variety of issues to think about, but point of
view might be one of the most fascinating here. All of the works share
an ambiguous, theatrical sense of detachment, a way in which the
exhibition suggestively opens up a conversation on the inherently
contradictory elements in contemporary portraiture."

From DART/ Design Arts Daily
Summer Group Photo Shows by Peggy Roalf


"... A New American Portrait, at Jen Bekman Gallery, presents work by nine photographers who blend fiction, truth and metaphor to create highly structured realities...
Seen together, the eighteen images on view explore complex themes of identity, sexuality, gender, consumerism, and class that shape American society."

Photos below, left to right, by Christine Collins, Brian Ulrich, Benjamin Donaldson, and Amy Elkins, courtesy of Jen Beckman Gallery.


ben huff said...

now, this is a show i would kill to see. are you surprised that it's getting such strong reactions? Jen Beckman has pulled off something special with this compilation of talents. i never get tired of seeing your portraits Amy. enjoy the show.

chrischa said...

it´s such a pity that i´m living way too far...i´d liked to see the show and i´m still a bit angry every day that i can´t make it...

but congrats anyway!