Monday, December 18, 2006

Joerg Colberg's Photographers of the Year 2006- Original Post- here

Amy Elkins's portraits of men in un-male environments are not only beautiful, but also contain something else that I still find a bit hard to describe. To find out more about her motivation read the interview.

Richard Renaldi just had a big book published, and since the book is my favourite photo book this year, Richard is part of this list. In the interview, I talked with him about his motivation behind the different series that are condensed into the book.

Just like Amy, Shen Wei takes close and intimate portraits of people, but there is another approach and result. To find out more about Shen's work, read the interview.

Curiously enough, each of these photographers takes mostly portraits. Has my interest changed? I don't know. But I've always considered vast, empty landscapes or cityscapes without people to be photos about people - it's just a different way to talk about people when you show the traces they leave.

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Shen Wei said...

Hi, Amy, I think we are somehow connected in a very fantastic way. Shen